Organic Rice is just a seed, technically a grain in white, brown, red colour, refined and used as a whole grain meal.

Organic brown rice seed is made in three parts, the bran, endosperm and the Germ. While organic white rice just a rice endosperm, in a processed form.

But the question is which one is healthier and more nutritious.

Organic Basmati Brown rice is healthier than white because of their more nutrition, as it is used as whole grain. While white rice used as a refined grain.

In the white rice, milling process removes all its nutrition’s. It removes all husk, bran and germ. That causes to remove all its vitamins and minerals.

After that, they are artificially coated and polished with nutrition.

But both are high in carbohydrates, but brown rice lowers the risks of heart diseases, diabetes and any kind of strokes. But Organic white rice causes the rick of over-weight if you eat it poorly.

Brown rice contains protein 45%, 100% fibre and 400+ omega -3 fatty acids, so people prefer to choose brown over white.

Athletes choose white over brown because they want to take carbs as quick energy and glycogen. They choose white rice so it can act as fuel to their body. It is one of the most essential meal for a weight lifter with breast chicken.

Types of Brown Rice

You may find different varieties of rice in the market. But there are 3 kinds of Organic Brown Rice.

  1. Short Grain Brown Rice:

Short grains a small kernel and have a fluidly and sticky looked after cooking them. It’s used in puddings and desserts.

  1. Medium Grain Brown Rice:

Medium is larger than short grains and has more sticky textures after cooking. It mostly used in soups and salads.

  1. Long Grain Brown Rice:

Long grain brown rice is larger and longer than the above two kinds. Organic Long grain brown rice is in golden colour and in sticky & chewy. Mostly used in side dishes. People used them in their diet plan for the healthier physique.

Bottom Line:

Moreover, all talk about the difference between white and brown rice doesn’t match in reality. You can never say which is good or which one is bad. But brown rice is indeed healthier and nutritious. Brown rice has a lower GI level.

But the last analysis, I think, you should eat what you like most. What you like the type of rice. If you want to eat white than take them, or organic red rice or basmati.

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